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10885571_10204005012660651_4795135849455216208_nDr. Elissa Mullen practices general adult medicine, in West Seattle, specializing  in chronic disease weight-loss. Dr. Mullen is the developer of Seattle Wellness Programs, practices primary Adult care with an emphasis on wellness and endocrine disorders. Dr. Mullen also has been the director and coordinator of hCG Diet Centers in Washington and California where she has worked with over 1,000 successful weight loss individuals. Dr. Mullen also has a specialty in LDN (www.LDNers.org) for MS, Fibromyalgia , Ulcerative colitis, autoimmune disorders plus more. She is a Naturopathic Physician from Bastyr University having served on the Board of Trustees, Honor Board and President of the Health Psychology Program. Dr. Mullen’s Health Psychology thesis was on Response Shift looking at how individuals utilize change.  She has worked in breast cancer research at the Fred Hutchinson Research Facility. She also has a special teaching interest in Biochemistry.

Dr Mullen, ND as part of your healthcare team:

“Life style Medicine” is the approach that is implemented at Seattle Wellness Programs so that you have a very active role in your healthcare. How does it fit into your health plan? Kim can help you will help you with your insurance questions. Most insurance plan in Washington State covers Dr. Mullen.

What Are Naturopaths:

Naturopathic physicians (NDs) receive extensive training in methods of treatment and disease prevention that are primarily natural — including but not limited to nutritional and botanical medicine, counseling, and naturopathic physical medicine. Naturopathic medicine has been practiced for more than 100 years, existing for most of that time outside the traditional healthcare industry.

What to Expect:

A first office appointment with Dr. Mullen may take more than an hour. This is because naturopathic physicians look at a broad spectrum of factors in a patient’s health — your physical, mental and emotional state, as well as genetic, environmental and social factors. With a forward-looking approach to avoiding chronic conditions that may loom in the future, Dr. Mullen assesses risk factors and works with patients to improve their overall health and wellness.

Combined Approach:

Naturopathic therapies range from dietary changes to herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and homeopathy. Treatments often combine a wide range of preventive actions and non-surgical options to address a chronic condition — sometimes including adjustments to sleep habits, exercise, stress management and other lifestyle issues.

For example if diabetes or obesity runs in your family, Dr. Mullen will consider your your diet and medications, level of physical activity and medications ( if necessary) as a combination of medical practice that works with all health issues and what can be done preventative and proactively to ensure your health long term.

Dr Mullen and her staff will help coordinate your care so that you still have the option to see other doctors. We collaborate with other healthcare providers to support your total care and approach to wellness, whether you’re being treated for a chronic condition, struggling with multiple medications or just paving the way to good health in the years ahead.

Dr Mullen will work with you by exploring how to more actively maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent chronic diseases in the future.

West Seattle ActiveBody Massage

Welcome to West Seattle ActiveBody Massage.  My technique and approach provide effective treatment for chronic pain, increase mobility, improve sports performance and injury recovery. Many clients first come to me seeking relief for:

-Shoulder and neck pain

-Low back and/or sciatica

-Chronic muscular conditions that were never fully resolved

-Relief from tension

-Chronic hand pain

Mike McCann LMP

Contact Mike wsabmassage@gmail.com   or at 206-683-1175.