Dr Mullen has many patients who come to Seattle Wellness Programs due to fatigue or have been diagnosed with “chronic fatigue syndrome” and have never had a physician find the underlying cause or “obstacle to cure” so they have suffered for years without any change or hope for change and cure. Please make an appointment soon; bring any pertinent labs, medication list and all previous therapeutic trials and results.

Fatigue Causes-

Lifestyle factors. Feelings of fatigue often have an obvious cause, such as:

  • Lack of sleep- Research shows that we need at least 7 hours for optimum healthand healing. There are many biological functions that are required to heal thattake place while we sleep.
  • Alcohol- While a drink does make us “unwind” in the long term it adds todepression and fatigue.
  • Lack of exercise- Moving daily is the subject of a lot of new research and thefacts are in that a daily walk at a brisk pace -1 mile in 20 minutes- will energizeyour life.

Psychological conditions. Fatigue is a common symptom of mental healthproblems, such as:

  • Depression-Fatigue and irritability both can be the signs of depression.
  • S.A.D. – seasonal affective disorder is an underlying cause of fatigue which a light wavebox may help or getting outside even on days that appear gray.
  • Medical conditions. Unrelenting exhaustion may be a sign of a medical conditionor underlying illness, such as:
  • Anemia- there are over 50 different anemia’s all of which alter how your blood cellsmove oxygen to the brain and tissues in every part of your body. The lack oxygen causesfatigue.
  • Celiac Disease- Gluten causes an auto immune attach of the intestines and they can nolonger absorb nutrients. In fact Celiac Disease is actually a cause of anemia.
  •   Low thyroid- Hypothyroidism is the under functioning of the active T3 . The othersymptoms of low thyroid are:

    • Cold intolerance
    • Loss of hair
    • Headache
    • Constipation
    • Brain fog
    • Skin changes- dry or puffy skin
    • Thirsty or salt cravings
    • Slowed heart beat and pulse